News : 25th June 2001

Martin Stephenson’s website has been given a facelift. Check it out at: A new feature to the Virginia Astley website is on the way with the addition of a Forum. This will allow threaded debates and discussions on the … Read More

News : 26th April 2001

Rough Trade are looking at plans to reissue Virginia Astley’s 1983 debut album From Gardens Where We Feel Secure. Although details are sketchy at this point, we’ll post up more news as we get it. Many thanks to all those … Read More

News : 12th April 2001

Caroline Lavelle has a new solo album released in May. Entitled, Brilliant Midnight it should be released first in the USA, Canada, Japan, Brazil and Mexico on the Atlantic Records label. The European release should follow during the summer. More … Read More

News : 15th March 2001

The Jocelyn Pook Ensemble arrived in London last night as part of their UK tour for a concert at the Queen Elizabeth Hall. Jocelyn’s music has its own distinctive style, which manages to weave in strings, electronic sounds and a … Read More

News : 4th February 2001

Martin Stephenson has a CD out called The Church And The MiniDisc. This album was recorded at 3 churches in the Scottish Highlands last year. There were no producers or sound engineers, purely a MiniDisc recorder capturing an acoustic set … Read More

News : 28th January 2001

The Promo Ads gallery has been updated with an ad for Hope In A Darkened Heart. The Discography entry has also been updated to reflect this. Jocelyn Pook has two tours scheduled for this year. The first is entitled Speaking … Read More

News : 20th January 2001

Welcome to the Virginia Astley Website! Thank you for bearing with us while the website was undergoing redevelopment and we hope you like the new look and features of the site. Most of the sections are self-explanatory so feel free … Read More

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