"Built around Virginia's gently flowing piano motifs. 'From Gardens' doodles a pastel impression of an English country day. Thus Ms Astley weaves her spell such that the first track is evocative of early morning stretching and yawning, the second a dreamy mix of church bells and school choir".Jim Reid ???

Record Mirror 21/09/85

"Through a mask of tranquility and 'softness' lies a latent power which enables the thing to bleed from the vinyl and carve out a niche of existence in whatever space is available" Mick Sinclair


"The LP recaptures the purity of innocence and is sheer bliss." Peter Martin

Smash Hits

"The mood changes subtly from title to title and then more noticeably from side one to side two: while the 'morning' tracks are permeated by a breezy, almost busy freshness, the 'afternoon' pieces are far more tranquil, eerie even, as the clarity and simplicity of childhood begins to blur into a humid, troubled adolescence." Adrian Thrills


"'From Gardens Where We Feel Secure' is a rare and precious thing, an evocative elegy; the best we can hope for, a momentary fragment of complete recollection, pregnant with all the fleetingly suggested emotional traumas of an induced deja vu." Steve Sutherland