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formatcd tapeblank2blank2ablank3additionalsongwords CATALOGUE WR1035512 FORMAT CD LABEL V2 RELEASE DATE 05/09/05 SLEEVE DESIGN Miranda July & Sean Tejaratchi CURRENT VALUE £10 TRACK LISTING WRITERS PRODUCER RECORDED A SUMMER LONG SINCE PASSED Virginia Astley Russell Webb & Virginia Astley  


This was the soundtrack album to the 2005 film Me And You And Everyone We Know by Miranda July.

The use of A Summer Long Since Passed closes out the film.

A Summer Long Since Passed orignally appears on Virginia’s 1983 debut album From Gardens Where We Feel Secure.



Me And You And Everyone We Know won the Special Jury Prize for Originality of Vision at the 2005 Sundance Film Festival. The film also won prizes at the Philadelphia and San Francisco International Film Festivals.