News : 11th July 2006


“Hello and welcome to my website. This has been created for me and is run by Paul Browne of Arc23. I have a few exciting projects planned this year and also plan to do a few live shows – probably in the Village Hall! Look forward to seeing you there”

– Virginia

Thanks to everyone who has commented on the re-launch of the website – more additions to the site are on the way so keep visiting for updates.

Now for some good news and some bad news: The good news is that our very own message-board is finally back online and you can access it here: Virginia Astley Website Forum. The bad news is that the Guestbook will no longer be taking new entries. This is due to the feature being abused by spammers on a regular basis. As soon as we find an effective method to block our unwelcome guests, we’ll see about getting the Guestbook back online.