News : 22nd June 2004

Virginia Astley was the topic on a Radio 6 show this Saturday just gone. The Stuart Maconie-presented Freakzone show had a segment called Specialist Corner featuring music writer Eddi Fiegel talking about Virginia’s work.

Apologies for not flagging this up on the site in time, but thanks to Mo who made a posting regarding the broadcast on the forum (which shows it pays to keep an eye on our dedicated message-board!).

The show appears to be scheduled for archiving so all is not lost yet. Additionally, the BBC 6 website had a condensed biography and discography on Virginia.

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Jocelyn Pook’s new soundtrack album is called Wild Side and will be released in France (and elsewhere in Europe) on the Naive label. The Jocelyn Pook Ensemble are also back in action with concerts at:

  • St George’s, Bristol on 8th July
  • The Cathedral, Exeter (as part of the Exeter festival) on 9th July

Then later in the month they’ll be playing at two film festivals:

  • Cieszyn in Poland on 24th July
  • Uherske Hradiste,Czech Republic on 25th July

Jocelyn also won an award last December at the first ever British Composer Awards. Jocelyn won the multi-media award for her Speaking In Tunes performances.

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