News : 29th May 2002

Japanese artist Kahimi Karie has produced a cover version of ‘Melt The Snow’. The song appears on her 2001 album My Suitor. Some copies of the album feature
a bonus acoustic version of the song, but there’s also an enhanced version which features a video for ‘Melt The Snow’ as well.

Courtney Love might not be the first person you think of that’s inspired by Virginia Astley 😉 However, she did make an interesting comment in a recent interview:

“When rap in LA first started I remember that I couldn’t help but think, what if I took that part from Joy Division’s ‘Dead Souls’ or that weird bit from the Durutti Column 12-inch I’ve got or the piece from the Virginia Astley EP, just stuff not yet ‘mined’… I really felt that the Grand Royal/Rubin aesthetic on rap was cool, but how much cooler could it be if people who had grown up with impeccable taste in their Postcard records collection, who knew those riffs, were in charge of the ‘beats’.”

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