News : 7th October 2009

hopeThank you for all the recent emails and interest in the reissue of Hope In A Darkened Heart.

The background details on this release are a little strange and we thought that it made more sense to offer complete transparency so that fans of Virginia’s music are not misled or confused.

We try our best to communicate any news or information possible to the fans, even when it appears to come from third party sources. Virginia herself was not contacted regarding this reissue and was only made aware of its release when details began to emerge online. We have made several attempts to contact the Japanese label responsible for this release (and also a US distributor). We have had no response to any of our messages and emails from any of the parties concerned.

These incidents are worrying as several years ago a third party re-issued several of Virginia’s albums without her permission or involvement (She also received no payments from the sales of those albums). Naturally there is concern when projects such as this recent reissue are produced with no input and no communication.

At this stage, Virginia is making her own enquiries regarding the background of this release.

The information that we can confirm is that the album has definitely been reissued. Despite rumours that it was being retitled as Some Small Hope, it has been released with a facsimile of the original sleeve artwork with the original title.