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formatvinyltape tapeblank2blank2ablank3additionalsongwords blank8blank8vidadditional CATALOGUE NME004 FORMAT MC LABEL NME RELEASE DATE OCTOBER 1982 SLEEVE DESIGN Bush Hollyhead CURRENT VALUE £10 RECORDED TRACK LISTING WRITERS PRODUCER   FUTILITY Virginia Astley Virginia Astley  


This was a 1982 compilation tape issued by UK music paper New Musical Express and features the only officially-released Ravishing Beauties track.

‘Futility’ also appears on the album Promise Nothing.

Other artists on this release included Yello, Cabaret Voltaire, Robert Wyatt, Billy Mackenzie/BEF and Elvis Costello & The Attractions.



‘Futility’ takes its title and words from the poem by Wilfred Owen.

In a pre-internet age, these compilations were often a perfect window into expanding a listener’s music tastes, as well as giving independent labels and artists a larger platform.