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formatvinyltape tapeblank2blank2ablank3additionalsongwords CATALOGUE MC T3 FORMAT MC LABEL TOUCH RELEASE DATE MAY 1983 SLEEVE DESIGN   CURRENT VALUE £10 TRACK LISTING WRITERS PRODUCER RECORDED WHEN THE FIELDS WERE ON FIRE Virginia Astley Russell Webb & Virginia Astley Barley Break, Moulsford


Touch was a magazine/art package issued in an A5 plastic wallet. It also featured a C60 cassette with a variety of musical contributions.

As well as Virginia’s track, the cassette also featured music by John Foxx, A Certain Ratio and Derek Jarman amongst others.

Touch also contained various artwork by the likes of Peter Saville, Neville Brody, Malcolm Garrett, Russell Mills and Linder.



This release features a slightly different mix of ‘When The Fields Were On Fire’ from that found on the album From Gardens Where We Feel Secure.

Meridians was actually released as two separate packages, hence the sleeve notes listing the cassette as sides three and four.