Virginia Astley Interview

Can you tell us a little about what you’re currently working on? Well one thing I’m doing is listening to my father’s old music to put together a CD of instrumental music for EMI. So obviously it will have the … Read More

The Ravishing Beauties

“We always had a running joke that men took over when you work with them, but I’m certainly not trying to prove any great feminist point” (VA, NME 10-9-83) “My first group, The Ravishing Beauties, was formed to promote Virginia … Read More

The A Bao A Qu Mystery

In 1982, Virginia Astley released her first record, the mysteriously entitled A Bao A Qu. Critics and fans alike were equally baffled by this strange title. Even radio presenter John Walters likened the title to that of an anagram. It … Read More

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