News : 11th July 2006

“Hello and welcome to my website. This has been created for me and is run by Paul Browne of Arc23. I have a few exciting projects planned this year and also plan to do a few live shows – probably … Read More

News : 31st May 2006

As promised, after a long sabbatical, we’ve upgraded the website and although not all of our regular features are currently online, bear with us as these will be added to the site in due course. One of our new features … Read More

News : 1st December 2004

One of the projects Anne Stephenson has worked on is a special benefit CD for the Tourette Syndrome Association (one of Anne’s own children is a sufferer). The CD EP Dance With Me? Christmas Tree features Anne singing on the … Read More

News : 23rd November 2004

The Jocelyn Pook soundtrack for the film The Merchant Of Venice is being released on the Decca label on the 29th November. For more information, please visit this link: which features an interview with Jocelyn as well as sound … Read More

News : 26th October 2004

Radio presenter John Peel has died. The BBC website reports that 65 year old Peel died of a heart attack while on holiday in Peru.John Peel was an early champion for Virginia Astley, especially for the legendary Ravishing Beauties Peel … Read More

News : 20th September 2004

As regular visitors might be aware, we’ve been planning on some big changes for the Virginia Astley website. A lot of those changes are work in progress behind the scenes and this is all building to a relaunch of the … Read More

News : 23rd August 2004

The website for the Brilliant Strings has now relaunched. The website showcases the string collective’s career and features the work of musicians such as Anne Stephenson and Gini Ball. The site includes biographies of all the musicians along with information … Read More

News : 12th August 2004

Zoology – the Teardrop Explodes live/unreleased material album has finally been released on the Head Heritage label. The most interesting track for visitors to this site is ‘Log Cabin’ as it features both Kate St John on oboe and Nicky … Read More

News : 21st July 2004

Kate St John has launched her own website The site features an extensive Discography along with reviews and information on both Kate’s solo work and her work with other artists and musicians. It also flags up the forthcoming Best … Read More

News : 9th July 2004

The brand new Caroline Lavelle album A Distant Bell was released online on Ringing Tree Records on 30th June. At the time of writing signed copies can be ordered (for £10, inclusive of postage in the UK) direct from the … Read More

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