News : 11th January 2004

Happy New Year to all our visitors!

Virginia has continued working on her novel (as mentioned previously in our exclusive Interview with Virginia) but is also keen to do more music. In the wake of From Gardens Where We Feel Secure, the idea of a new instrumental album is something Virginia wants
to explore but she also has plans to finalise The Woodlanders project as well. More news as we get it.

Thanks for being patient to all those that have recently ordered copies of From Gardens Where We Feel Secure from the website. There were delays in getting a fresh batch of CD’s from Rough Trade and then those CD’s had to each be signed by Virginia. The good news is that the signed CD’s are now ready to send out and the first orders will ship on Monday.

Jocelyn Pook has recently been busy scoring the French feature film Wild Side and co-writing songs with Natacha Atlas for Natacha’s new album. For further info, please visit Jocelyn’s new official website at

Meanwhile, Martin Stephenson has been keeping busy with a series of live gigs in Australia as well as a new solo album Airdrie to be released within the next few months. Martin has also been working with David Foster on David’s new solo album which is due for release this summer. For further info, please visit Martins website