The Stories Behind The Woodlanders

Virginia Astley presents the stories behind Hardy’s novel The Woodlanders. There will be three short performances of around 20 minutes duration at 12 Noon, 2pm and 3pm. The performances will take place in the First Study at Max Gate, where … Read More

Virginia Astley Interview

Can you tell us a little about what you’re currently working on? Well one thing I’m doing is listening to my father’s old music to put together a CD of instrumental music for EMI. So obviously it will have the … Read More

News : 31st May 2006

As promised, after a long sabbatical, we’ve upgraded the website and although not all of our regular features are currently online, bear with us as these will be added to the site in due course. One of our new features … Read More

News : 11th January 2004

Happy New Year to all our visitors! Virginia has continued working on her novel (as mentioned previously in our exclusive Interview with Virginia) but is also keen to do more music. In the wake of From Gardens Where We Feel … Read More