NEWS : 15th October 2001

jon_astley1Jon Astley (Virginia’s brother) keeps busy with some mastering work on the new Tori Amos album Strange Little Girls.

Jon also worked on Catatonia’s new album Paper Scissors Stone and before that George Harrison’s reissued All Things Must Pass.

Jon is probably best known to fans of Virginia for production work on material such as ‘Love’s A Lonely Place To Be’ and the Promise Nothing album, but also did some solo work in the 1980s with albums such as The Compleat Angler. Jon has also worked in a production role on albums by a wide variety of artists including Abba, The Who, Slade, Eric Clapton,Hugh Cornwall and Led Zeppelin.

A new interactive feature for the Virginia Astley website is in production. The new feature is a Virginia Astley Survey allowing visitors to the website to vote on a wide range of topics. More details soon.