Love’s A Lonely Place To Be

The classic single celebrates its 40th anniversary this year 1983 proved to be a significant year for record releases, delivering classics such as New Order’s Power, Corruption & Lies, Echo & The Bunnymen’s Porcupine and The The’s iconic Soul Mining … Read More

News : 21st September 2009

Virginia’s 1986 album Hope In A Darkened Heart is being reissued in Japan later this month. The reissue will take the form of a reproduction card sleeve of the original release and the track listing will reflect the original Japanese … Read More

NEWS : 15th October 2001

Jon Astley (Virginia’s brother) keeps busy with some mastering work on the new Tori Amos album Strange Little Girls. Jon also worked on Catatonia’s new album Paper Scissors Stone and before that George Harrison’s reissued All Things Must Pass. Jon … Read More